Don Quijote

2 Apr


Esta es un presentacion de Don Quijote. La presentacion contiene preguntas y responder.

The Tiger’s wife

11 Dec

The Tiger’s wife is a novel written by Téa Obreht. The author was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1985. She spent her childhood in Egypt and Cyprus before she moved to the United States in 1997.

The story takes place now and half a century ago, in a Balkan country. The book is about a young doctor called Natalia. Natalias grandfather always told her stories when she was younger, and after he dies she turns to these to find answers. Natalia investigates the circumstances of her grandfather’s mysterious death, recounts what she discovered while researching his childhood in a small town, and passes on stories he himself told her about his encounters, with a mysterious “Deathless Man.” Throughout all three narrative lines, the work explores the nature of death, death’s relationship to the struggle to live, and the relationship between truth, secrets and lies.

In a brief prologue, Natalia narrates her earliest memory – of accompanying her grandfather on one of several shared visits to the tiger’s cage at the zoo. During that visit, she witnessed a tiger attacking an attendant, and in narration comments on her belief that her grandfather made sure she watched it.

The Language in the book is quite difficult, but I would recommend this book to readers who is looking for a challenge and wants to improve their English. I liked the book, but sometimes it can be difficult to follow the story.

“Through the tunnel” by Doris Lessing

13 Oct

Through the tunnel is a short story written by a highly acclaimed author named Doris Lessing. The story is about a young boy called Jerry. Jerry spends his summer by the beach with his mother. One day he sees some older boys who swims through an underwater runnel and really wants do do the same. He convinces his mother to by some swimming goggles and begins his training. He takes it to an extreme and holds his breath alot every day. He gets dizzy and bleeds, but he don’t mind, the only thing he cares about is that he will manage to swim through the tunnel.
At the end Jerry swims through the underwater tunnel, but he doesn’t tell his mum or the older boys.

Doris Lessing has a great way of writing and you really get dragged into the story. The sentences are short and it’s not difficult to keep up with the story. You can also notice that the story is planed and not made up as she wrote it.

I enjoyed reading this story. It never got boring  and you tried to figure out why Jerry acted the way he did. I think the theme is growing up, and how we all want to be better versions of ourselves. 

Studying and working in North America

19 Sep

It’s really popular to study abroad and many choose to study in English speaking countries like USA and Canada. These countries, along with the UK, also have the best universities in the world. These countries provide good education and give the students a safe environment. There are many advantages to studying abroad, some of them are:

-  Interesting for future employers

- Personal growth

- Language learning

-Learning to be independent

- Learning another culture

It can make it easier to go through an organization if you want to study in another country, they will help you to get everything ready before you leave. There are many organizations that operate in North America. Some of the most well-known and safest study organizations are:

-          Speak

-          EF

-          AFS

-          AYUSA

-          CIEE

-          Rotary International

-          YFU

-          IBS

America and Canada are in general safe countries and there are no places that you have to avoid. The most popular states when it comes to studying in USA are California, New York and Texas. You should try to find out which state you could see yourself living in.

When it comes to acquiring VISAs, it isn’t a problem. If you have a clean criminal record and fill in all the forms you need, you won’t have any problems getting your VISA.  To get your VISA you’ll probably have to pay a small fee.

It may be smart to at least know some English before you leave. You will probably learn a lot during your stay, but it can be difficult at first if you don’t feel like you master the language.

If you want to work in America, you’ll have to apply for a special permit to work.  If you intend to move there and live/work permanently you will need a green card. You can get this through a family member or an employer. It can be smart to check out this page:

Oliver Mtukudzi

5 Sep

We saw an interview with Oliver Mtukudzi in class today. He is a musician from Zimbabwe and is also an ambassador for the UN. In the clip he talked about how he feel his best when he’s on stage. And that even though he has been doing this for about forty years his success still surprises him. He is an international star, but his largest fan base remains in Zimbabwe.

Most of his songs are in his mother language Shona. It is really important to him to keep his identity and never forget his background. In his songs he often addresses politics and economics, but never points a finger at the government or anyone else. He says: That is the beauty of Shone. And with that he means that the language makes it easy to talk around subject without being to direct. Others describe him as a person that everybody loves and respect.

I didn’t have any problems when it came to understanding what he said in the interview. And in my opinion it was easy to understand him. I wouldn’t say that I’m surprised about this clip, but I think it’s really fun to get an insight when it comes to one side of the culture in Zimbabwe. I don’t really know a lot about the country, and the little I know is mostly Mugabe related.

There are many artists who perform in English even though it’s not their mother language. I think they do this to reach out to more people. If you have a song where the lyrics are in English the possibilities for it to become an international hit is a lot bigger.

If you want to see the interview with Oliver Mtukudzi then just follow this link:

Being young in Norway

4 Sep

When it comes to being young in Norway, I consider myself quite the expert.  As I’m 17 and have been living in Norway my whole life. I believe that being young in Norway is really easy compared to being young in many other countries. We get all the education in life and we don’t have a lot of worries. The opportunities Norwegian teenagers have access to are truly amazing, but I don’t think we know how lucky we are. Most of us don’t have to worry about money or safety. We are very fortunate to live in a safe environment and the majority of us have enough money to live a good life. We also have free medical care and health care in Norway so we don’t have to think twice about going to the doctor or huge medical bills if anything should happen.

I think I’m really lucky to be young in Norway. We have everything a teen could ask for just minutes away from where we live, like cinemas, soccer fields and shopping centers. We also have a lot of different subjects and several options when it comes to education. This can really help us to figure out what we want to study at university when we finish High School.

Being young in a county where everyone has more than they really need can also be difficult. The society can become really materialistic and the pressure to have expensive items can be a problem.  The pressure to follow trends and wear the same things as everyone else is wearing can be humiliating for the people who can’t afford to spend that kind of money. I think it can be a bit unhealthy to live under that kind of pressure, because in my opinion it’s not the clothes a person wears that defines them.

Neither more I am thankful that I get to experience my teenage years in Norway. And I am really excited to see what the future brings. 

Our book “Connected Learners” is released!

26 May

During the last four months my class and I have been working on a book with our teacher. It’s a book about using technology and social medias at school. I think a lot of teachers want to use technology more in their classes but they don’t know how to. If you are one of them this book will help you a lot. This book is also a place where the students voice is loud and clear. There are a lot of books written by teachers on this topic, but this is the first where student collaborate with their teacher. There are a lot of useful information and smart guides in the book and you can really learn a lot. You don’t have to be a teacher to enjoy reading our book, all you need is an interest in how to use technology.

You can download our book here for only $9.99!

I have really learned a lot by working on this project and it’s an experience I will bring with me for the rest of my life.

If this seems interesting i would recommend you to watch this video where we talk about our project:

I would really appreciate your opinion on our book and if you buy it thank you, our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible.

The Blind Side

26 May

A couple of weeks ago we saw the movie “The blind side” at school. It’s a movie about social inequality and differences. It’s two main characters in the movie. We have a young boy named Michael, who is living a thought life. His mom has been using drugs and don’t know how to take care of him. He ends up at the street but a friend helps him get into a good school. On the other side we have Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) who is a wealthy woman. Happily married and with two kids. They are living two opposite lives. Leigh Annes son gets to know Michael at school even though Michael is around seven years older than him. Leigh Anne decides that she needs to help Michael and she really does. At the end the movie is not about two different lifestyles, but one family.

I would like to highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it already! It’s not only a great story, you can also learn a lot by watching it.

Social inequality

13 May

We live in a world where social inequality has made a great impact on world history. 

Most people don’t think about this very often but movies can help us understand and think about how it was before and still are in some parts of the world today. “The blind side” and “Hairspray” are two movies that gives you a lot of information about social inequality and you may don’t even know it because you think that you are just watching a ordinary movie. 

The blind side really shows you how different people can live. You really get to see the contrasts when you see a rich family with everything they could ever dream of on the one side.  And on the other side you have a young boy all alone, living on the street without basic needs. It really makes you think about how lucky you are and how different your life could have turned out if you had been born in another country or family. People living in the same area can be in total different groups in society. 

Hairspray is another example of social inequality. This movie shows how it used to be in America when it was a big difference between races. The movie takes place in the 1960’s. This movie makes you think about how the social inequalities has developed and how things have changed from then until now. Some people have a longer and more challenging way to get to where they want than others.

Social inequality is an important and relevant subject and some movies can really make you understand it better.

My reading of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

28 Apr

As you all know I have read this book lately and I have now chosen four drafts/paragraphs that I would like to share with you.


page: 45.” Beneath those photos were five more that Grandpa Portman had never shown me. I wondered why, until I looked closer. Three were so obviously manipulated that even a kid would see through them: one was a laughable double exposure of a girl “trapped” in a bottle; another showed a “levitating” child, suspend by something hidden in the doorway behind her; the third was a dog with a boy’s face pasted crudely onto it. As if these weren’t bizarre enough, the last two were like something out of David Lynch’s nightmares: one was an unhappy young contortionist doing a frightening back bend  in the other a pair of freakish twins were dressed in the weirdest costumes I’d ever seen. Even my grandfather, who’d filled my head with stories of tentacle-tongued monsters, had realized images like these would give any kid bad dreams”

This paragraph really gives you a good idea of what the book is about. It really describes the theme in the book by the way it describes the characters and and how his grandfather used to tell him stories. It also gives you an hint about the monsters that will appear later in the book.

page 79. setting: My grandfather had described it a hundred times, but in his stories the house was always a bright and happy place-big and rambling  yes, but full of light and laughter. What stood before me now was no refuge from monster but a monster itself, staring down from its perch on the hill with vacant hunger.

This paragraph describes the setting of where most of Grandpa Portmans stories took place. The setting is a old house situated on a small island in Whales. This is also the place where most of the setting in the book takes place and the house plays an important role in the book. This is the house were Grandpa Portman grew up and Jacob is now returning to the same house many years later to find out the truth about all the stories he has been told.

plot. page 243. “He could see the monsters. The moment she said it, all the horrors I thought I’d put behind me came flooding back. Thew were real. They ere real and they’d killed my grandfather. “I can see them too”, I told her, whispering it like a secret shame. Her eyes welled and she embraced me.

“I knew there was something peculiar about you”  she said. “And I mean that as the highest compliment.””

This draft really describes the plot very well. The most important point is that all the stories Grandpa Portman ever told were real. The peculiar children were real, the monsters and the loop. Everything turned out to be true. It also describes the feelings that appear between Jacob and Emma.

Character development page 302-303

“So i squeezed my eyes shut, because I didn’t want its gaping jaws to be the last thing I’d ever see, and gripped the shears in front of me with both hands. Time seemed to stretch out, like  they say it does in car crashes and train accidents and free-falls from airplanes. and the next thing I felt was a bone-jar-ring collision as I slammed into the hollow..” (…) ” I killed it, I thought, I really killed it. All the time I’d spent being afraid, I never dreamed that I could actually kill one.”

This describes how Jacobs thoughts changes fast, in the first part he is really scared and he really thinks that he is going to die. The last part shows that he has made something happen. This is his thoughts after an important event in the book. This part is important for the book because you get an inside look to Jacobs thoughts. It gives you a deeper inside of who he is as a person.


I really enjoyed reading this book and would strongly recommend it to others!
If you have read the book I would love to know what you thought of it in the comments!


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