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Diktionaries online

28 Aug

Today I found out what monolingual dictionaries I want to use in my english class. I came to the conclusion that there were three I liked after trying out a lot of different sites.

Here they are:


I liked this one the best. There are almost no ads on the page and its weary tidy. The search gave a good result and the words are carefully described.


This one was the second best in my opinion.  There were some ads, but not to many. The place you search is easy to find on the page and its tidy.


This page gives good results, but its a lot of ads on it.  Its not that easy to see that you can use it as a dictionary.

 All these sites are monolingual dictionaries and explaines the word. You can’t use them to translate a word into another language. All the sites have commercial but I like the ones that dont have as many ads. I feel like they are more neat.




Holi, the festival of colors

28 Aug

 Every spring the festival of colors or the Holi festival is celebrated by hindus all over the world, but mainly in India.

 India is the largest country in south-Asia and the population is about 1,1 trillion. India is devided into 28 states and the Holi festival is celebrated more in the north than the south of the country. About two million tourists visit every year to join in on the festivities and enjoy the experience.

Hindus celebrates Holi to welcome the spring and a new season. They celebrate by throwing colored powder and perfume at each other in the streets. By the time the moon comes out they also light a big bonfire. The celebration always starts at the same date as the last full moon in february/march, so the date is different every year. The festival lasts for two days and is one big party. After the celebration everyone who attended is coverd in different colors from head to toe.

 The festival is not only celebrated in India, but in many countries all over the world. Berlin in Germany is one of many places were people celebrate.


This picture shows why they call it the festival of colors, and its taken in Berlin.Image

This picture is from the Holi festival in India.


Living in Norway

21 Aug

Living in Norway is great.

Norway is a beautiful country with a lot of nature, such as fjords and mountains. I think a lot of people would agree and say that its one of the best countries in the world to live in. Many people that don’t know a lot about Norway, think that we have polar bears in the streets of Oslo and that we have snow all year. This is not true. I have lived in Norway all my life and I still have’nt seen a polar bear. If you want to see a polar bear you will have to travel to Svalbard. The weather here can be really bad sometimes, but once in a while its sunny and warm.

There are a lot of typical norwegian things to do. People here loves to ski and hike, and almost everyone have been to a cabin. We also celebrate our national day 17th of may, with children walking in parades all over the country. The day is pretty much dedicated to the children. Most women also wear a national costume called a “bunad”.

Image    Image

Hello world!

21 Aug

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