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Unexpected ending, typical Roald Dahl

25 Sep

The Landlady by Roald Dahl

The landlady is a short story written by Roald Dahl. A famous Norwegian writer.

The landlady is a story about a boy called Billy Weaver. He is a seventeen years old boy who is going to a town called Bath on a work trip. He needs to find a place to stay and when he walks down the street he finds a nice bed and breakfast. Billy was not sure if he should keep looking or not, but he pressed the bell and in a mater of seconds a lady opened the door and told him to come inside. Billy walked in and took of his hat, from the outside the bed and breakfast looked like a nice place and he was not sure if it would be to expensive, but the landlady made a generous offer.

The landlady was really nice and polite, even though Billy though she was a bit out of it. He got the whole second floor to himself and packed out before he went down to write his name in the guest book. The Landlady had told him that this was important because of the laws. When he wrote in his name in the book he noticed that there only was two names above his own. He really felt like he had seen them before and came to the conclusion that booth names must have been in a newspaper headline.

The landlady said that she did not know where he had seen their names before, but they were handsome, nice young men just like him. Billy had noticed a parrot when he came and told her how real it looked, she said that she had stuffed all her animals herself and Billy released that the dog that laid in front of them was dead too. He though this was admiring. Billy could not let go of the two names of the boys so he asked when they left, the landlady answered- They never left, they live at the third floor.

This story got an really unexpected ending because no one would think that this nice landlady stuffed her own animals and the people she lets in to the bed and breakfast never leaves. Its also surprising that she kills Billy. At the beginning you would never guess that the two people that have lived there before never left. I don’t think that anyone who reads this story will be able to guess the outcome before they read it in the end.

We watched a movie about the landlady also, and the movie is a bit different. I liked the movie the best because it was easier to understand and follow the story.

this is the link to the movie:



Australia and South Africa

11 Sep

This is a school project about Australia and South Africa. We tried to find good questions and answers, but we would love to get you input so feel free to comment.


· What kind of famous tourist attractions do they have? The opera in Sidney, Great Barrier Reef and Uluru are some of the most famous attractions in Australia.

· What is their national sport? They don`t have any national sports, but they have strong international teams in cricket,  field hockey, rugby, netball.

· Do they have any national instruments? In Australia they have a instrument called didgeridoo. A didgeridoo is a wind instrument made by the native australian. It’s still used today and you can compare it to a wooden trompet.
· Do they have any famous people? The most famous actors from Australia is Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman and Russel Crowe. Some famous bands and singers from ausralia is foreksample ACDC and Kylie Minogue.
How do they celebrate the national day?
26th of January is the national day in Australia. Most people celebrate by getting togheter with friends and family and they all have a big bbq and drink beer. A lot of people also spend the day at the beach.
We would also like to know:
– if you have any special traditions?
-what’s typical australian?
-do you have any traditional food dishes?
South Africa

Do they have any national-sport?

No, South Africa hasn’t any national sport, but Football, Rugby and Cricket are well known sports.

Do they have any famous people?

The most famous South African person has to be Nelson Mandela “Mandiba”. He is well-known all over the world and did a great work the time he lived.  In addition is Desmond Tutu another famous person.

What is typical South Africa?

The climate is often very hot and sometimes it is long periods of drought.  The African kitchen is very varied, but they are known for their commodities. And one other thing they are known for is their wild animals in the country. They have beautiful beaches where it is great surf opportunities. Many of the beaches are also protected against sharks.

Do they have any national monuments?

One thing is the castle of good hope. The castle of good hope can you find in Cape Town. This is the oldest building in South Africa and was built between 1666 and 1679. One other national monument is the Freedom Park.  The park will strive to accommodate all of the country`s experiences and symbols to tell a story about the struggle of humanity for freedom in South Africa.


Here are some questions we would like if you answered for us:

–      How do you celebrate your national day?

–      Do you have any special traditions?

–      How do you govern your country?

–      Are there any South-African dishes you recommend?