Short stories

10 Oct

Yesterday we had to read and analyze two short stories. My friend Marie( and I chose “Man from the south” by Roald Dahl and “Puppies for sale” by anonymous. Roald Dahl is a famous Norwegian writer and has written a lot of great stories.

The two stories are very different.

The Man from the south is a story about a man that loves to bet. If he wins he gets to chop of one of the victims fingers, but if they win he gives them a car. In this story he bets a young American boy who bets against him, with the risk of losing his own finger. This story is really capturing and you have to read the whole thing to see what happens when you start. This is a very interesting story, and I will advice you to read it if you want to read a short story.

Link to “Man from the south” here:

Puppies for sale is a really short short story about a boy who wants to buy a dog. He walks to a farm and gets to see the farmers dogs. At first four healthy dogs run towards him, but he can see one that is walking slowly behind the others. He tells the farmer that he wants the injured dog. The farmer don’t see why he wants a injured dog until the boy pulls up the bottom of his pants and the farmer can see that the boy has a prosthetic leg.

This is a moving story about love and you can tell that the boy wants a dog he can relate too.

You can find the story here:

The two stories are very different but they both have a moral. In Man from the south you have to read more between the lines to make sense of the story while Puppies for sale is a lot more straight forward.

Please comment or let me know what you think of the stories.

One Response to “Short stories”

  1. Ann S. Michaelsen 16/10/2012 at 10:26 #

    Good description of both short stories. They are certainly quite different. Roald Dahl writes well and it is exciting to read his stories. Glad you liked it too!

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