Death penalty

23 Oct

Formal and informal writing, Death Penalty

In this post I will try to help you learn the difference between formal and informal writing.

Death penalty


Death penalty is a method of punishment in many countries all over the world. Death penalty used to be a common way to punish criminals. This is an interesting topic in many debates all the time.

In America, 33 of the 50 states still practice the death penalty. The most common methods they use are the electric chair and lethal injections. However, they are working to abolish this penalty. There are huge debates when it comes down to the fact if people should be sentenced to death.

People who are sentenced to death have to wait in death row for many years. In the state of California 721 inmates are waiting in jail to get their penalty. In California no one has suffered since 2006, even though many criminals are just waiting to get executed. In the United States of America about 1000 criminals have been sentenced to death, but they are not executed yet.

China is the country in the world who sentence the most criminals to death penalty. The methods they use are questionable because the government will not comment on this case.  It is estimated that about 3400 people are executed in China every year.

One of the arguments to keep the death penalty is that it scares people to commit crimes. However it is not proven that countries with death penalty have a lower crime rate that countries without.


Death penalty is a horrible way to punish criminals. I think it’s completely wrong in every way. First of all, why should we kill criminals? I think it’s a much better option to let them sit in jail and think about what they did wrong. If you just kill them they won’t get the time to reflect on what they did and it’s an easy way out. Even though it’s horrible to take another human’s life, I would think that the criminals will suffer more by spending time in jail.

Amnesty and DPIC are two organizations who work against the death penalty. They release a lot of information about this topic to engage others.  They have a lot of information about all the people who have been executed and how it happened. It scares me to read that this one guy was hanged in 1996! This was the year I was born and it’s not a long time ago.

If everything works out the way I would like them to, we won’t have death penalty in ten years.

You can read more about the case here:

This post shows the difference between formal and informal writing. When you are writing a formal text you have to use facts and see each side of the case . If you write a formal text you won’t be able to say your own opinion as you can in an informal text. As you can see in the informal text I wrote my opinion this is just one example ” I think it’s completely wrong in every way”.  When you are writing an informal text you are talking to the reader and you can write simple. If you are writing a formal text you have to focus on the case, and your own opinion on the case is irrelevant. ” It is estimated that about 3400 people are executed in China every year.” This is an example from the formal text and you can see that it’s a fact and in formal writing it can be smart to use statistics. When you write formal its written in third person.

Hope this post helped you to understand the difference on formal and informal writing.


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    The second picture is great! I had a real laugh:)

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