Burning books

24 Oct

Trough world history we can find many examples on book burning. One example when it comes to this is the book burning the German Nazis performed. The Nazi started a book burning campaign on the 6th of April 1933. The Nazis Germany claimed that this was necessary to stop “Action against Un-German spirit. 

Another example is when Mao burned all the books in China. The only book people was allowed to read was the one he had written himself. Many leaders do this to control what kind of information the people in their country is reading and they feel like they have to control everything. Leaders who feel it’s necessary to do this kind of dramatic stuff often have something they want to hide. 

We can still find similar cases to this in the society we live in today. In some countries web-pages are looked to make it more difficult or impossible for people in the country to use these pages.  


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