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Edward Scissorhands

18 Dec

Today we watched the movie Edward Scissorhands in class. It’s a film about a “boy” with siccors instead of normal hands.  He lives in a castle all by him self, but one day a woman shows up to sell some makeup. She feels sorry for him, and brings him home to live with her family. The boy is called Edward and he is really clumsy because he don’t have hands. 

Edward gets really popular among the neighbours, as he is an amazing gardener and cuts their hair. He likes to get to know people, and falls in love with a girl. The only problem is that she has a boyfriend. He tries his best to impress her, and while doing this he gets in to trouble. If you want to know how it ends I think you should see the movie.

I really like the film. Its not boring at all and has a great moral. It shows that everyone is different, but you can still be friends. It also shows how people judge each other and make up rumors. Edward Scissorhands is a great film to see during the Christmas holiday. 

Here is the link to the trailer:



Maria’s story

11 Dec

I just read a story from the World War 2. The story is called Maria’s story and is about a young girl who gets captured by the Germans. Maria lived in a area in Poland with many Jews but was not a Jew herself.  She was captured and taken to a factory in Germany were she was forced to work. Maria knew many languages so she had to help others by being an interpreter. She lived under horrible conditions for four years, before the american solders came to the rescue.

When the Americans came and freed everyone who was captured they all got the option to go home. The Canadian red cross also helped the sick. Maria did not know if her family still lived at their old farm in Poland so she chose to stay behind and help the red cross. After working there a year she met a English young man and they got to know each other. They got married and Maria moved to England. She was able to find her family and they were reunited.

On the picture you can see some polish refugees.

Here is the link to the story:

Norwegian Christmas tree in London

11 Dec

Every year the city of Oslo gives the people of London a Christmas tree. The tree is put up in Trafalgar Square 12 days before Christmas and the mayor of Oslo always turns on the lights. This has been a tradition from 1947 when Norway shipped the first tree. The tree is a symbol of gratitude and a way to show that we appreciated all the British support we got during World War two.

The tree is a symbol of the close friendship between England and Norway. After Norway had been invaded by the Germans forces in 1940 our King at the time, King Haakon VII escaped to Britain. The Norwegian government-in-exile was set up in London. The BBC relayed news in Norwegian during the war and this became vital to the resistance forces. 3000 from the Norwegian military died during this war, and in total approximately 11 000 were killed. From Britain however they had 382, 700 military deaths and in total they lost 449 800 persons during the war.

The Christmas tree is called “The Queen of the forest” and is carefully picked out every year. It’s usually about 20 or 30 meters high and is decorated with lights. The tree lighting ceremony in Trafalgar Square always takes place at the first Thursday in December. The ceremony is led by the Lord Mayor of Westminster and a choir sings when they turn on the lights.