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Todays work

15 Jan

Today we started to work on our book project. Our class is going to try to write a book about learning methods we use. We use our computers a lot and collaborate with many different people. I choose to write about how people can connect and collaborate through the internet. I decided to work with my friend Karoline ( We started to write about Twitter and Skype. Twitter and Skype are great social medias and they make it really easy to collaborate with people from across the world. Many teachers may not remember that they can incorporate this in their  classes. There are a lot of interesting people out there, you just need to know how to get in touch with them.


Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

8 Jan

Today we had to choose a book to read during the next few weeks. Our teacher gave us some books to choose from and after doing some research I chose the book ” Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”. I read a short plot from the book and it seemed really interesting. I also read some comments on the book, and it seemed that a lot of people who had read the book liked it. On the page where you can by the book it also were a short movie which got me even more interested. It was a introduction to the book and it seemed really interesting. There were also a lot of compliments of the pictures in the book.

The book is written by the American author Ransom Riggs.