Studying and working in North America

19 Sep

It’s really popular to study abroad and many choose to study in English speaking countries like USA and Canada. These countries, along with the UK, also have the best universities in the world. These countries provide good education and give the students a safe environment. There are many advantages to studying abroad, some of them are:

–  Interesting for future employers

– Personal growth

– Language learning

-Learning to be independent

– Learning another culture

It can make it easier to go through an organization if you want to study in another country, they will help you to get everything ready before you leave. There are many organizations that operate in North America. Some of the most well-known and safest study organizations are:

–          Speak

–          EF

–          AFS

–          AYUSA

–          CIEE

–          Rotary International

–          YFU

–          IBS

America and Canada are in general safe countries and there are no places that you have to avoid. The most popular states when it comes to studying in USA are California, New York and Texas. You should try to find out which state you could see yourself living in.

When it comes to acquiring VISAs, it isn’t a problem. If you have a clean criminal record and fill in all the forms you need, you won’t have any problems getting your VISA.  To get your VISA you’ll probably have to pay a small fee.

It may be smart to at least know some English before you leave. You will probably learn a lot during your stay, but it can be difficult at first if you don’t feel like you master the language.

If you want to work in America, you’ll have to apply for a special permit to work.  If you intend to move there and live/work permanently you will need a green card. You can get this through a family member or an employer. It can be smart to check out this page:

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    Informative and helpful.

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