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“Through the tunnel” by Doris Lessing

13 Oct

Through the tunnel is a short story written by a highly acclaimed author named Doris Lessing. The story is about a young boy called Jerry. Jerry spends his summer by the beach with his mother. One day he sees some older boys who swims through an underwater runnel and really wants do do the same. He convinces his mother to by some swimming goggles and begins his training. He takes it to an extreme and holds his breath alot every day. He gets dizzy and bleeds, but he don’t mind, the only thing he cares about is that he will manage to swim through the tunnel.
At the end Jerry swims through the underwater tunnel, but he doesn’t tell his mum or the older boys.

Doris Lessing has a great way of writing and you really get dragged into the story. The sentences are short and it’s not difficult to keep up with the story. You can also notice that the story is planed and not made up as she wrote it.

I enjoyed reading this story. It never got boring  and you tried to figure out why Jerry acted the way he did. I think the theme is growing up, and how we all want to be better versions of ourselves.