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29 Oct

In class today, we watched the movie “Recount” about the presidential election in America in 2000. During the counting of the votes many elderly from Florida though that they had voted wrong because of the ballot. Some votes where also dismissed because of old equipment. The movie addressed a lot of interesting political aspects and they went to extreme extents to have make recounts of the votes.

Before I watched this movie I knew some about what happened in 2000 and about American politics. But I learned a lot during the movie. The whole voting and general election process is very different from the one I am used to in Norway, but the movie gave me a better overview of the American system.


Facts about US election

16 Oct

Today we answered some questions about the US election.

  1. What is the Electoral College In U.S. Elections?
  2. What is an inauguration? Mentions some points Obama had in his inauguration speech
  3. What does “democracy is the right to dissent mean?
  4. A swing state, what is it?
  5. What is a caucus and how do they pick a candidate for the president election?
  6. What is government 2.0?
  7. What are the main concerns about the new Health Reform?

The Electoral College in U.S Elections is the institution that officially elects the President and Vice President of the United States every four years. Everyone votes for the party they want and then all the votes are counted, each state supports the party who gets the most votes in that state. The states with the most inhabitants have a greater impact and that’s why it’s important to presidents to win the support of the states with the most people living there.

An inauguration is a formal ceremony to mark the beginning of a major public leader’s term of office. The “inaugural address” is a speech given during this ceremony which informs the people of his/her intentions as a leader. In President Obamas speech he talked about that even though freedom is a gift from God, it is important to him to keep his people safe. He also promised to create new jobs and to keep the country growing.

It is about the freedom of speech and how you (in a democracy) have the right to have a different opinion. You don’t have to agree with the majority of the government.

A swing state is a state where no particular candidate or party has overwhelming support in securing the state’s votes. Swing states are targets for a lot of campaigning prior to the elections as winning there states is the best opportunity for a party to gain electoral votes.

A caucus is a meeting of supporters and/or members of a specific political party or movement. They meet to discuss who they want to elect as president candidate for their party.

Government 2.0 is about the use of technology to encourage a more open, transparent and engaging form of government, where the public has a greater role in forming policy and has improved access to government information.

The new health reform in America

To finance this reform there will be a rise in taxes. People are afraid that they will have to pay more to make it possible to provide free health care for all Americans.