5 reasons for Obama to be satisfied

8 Jan

Barack Obama has been getting more popular among the american population recently, it’s still not great, but better. A new pole done late in 2014 showed that 48% of Americans was satisfied with Obamas work as president. This is the best result he has gotten in quite a while now, and is better than what Bush had at the same time when he was president.

Here are 5 reasons to why President Barack Obama can be satisfied

1. The employment rate is going up
The american economy is enjoying the low oil prices and the number of people who are working in America is going up each month. The unemployment is now at 5,8% witch is a great improvement. Also Mitt Romney, who were Obamas opponent during the last election promised to get it under 6%, which Obama now has accomplished.

2. Gas prices are going down
The gas prices are often an important case to the American voters, and they have been getting away with low prices for a long time now. The American organization AAA are constantly paying attention to the price and right before Christmas there was a record amount of days where the price kept falling. The price for a gallon of regular gas is now $2,20.

3. The relationship to Cuba
America has had a complicated and hostile relationship to Cuba for many years. But they have now been speaking to make the hospitality go away. Obama announced that they are going to make an effort to normalize the relationship between the two countries who has been enemies for 55 years now.  The Americans are happy about this and wants the traveling restrictions to go away, they want a diplomatic relationship and the possibility to trade between them.

4. New emigration laws
Late in November Obama presented a new package of emigration laws. He had made this proposition alone  without the congress. The biggest proposition was that he wants to give 4,2 million illegal immigrants papers so that they don’t have to worry about being send back to their country of origin.

5. Ending unpopular wars, getting involved in “popular” war
Obama has during his time as president withdrawed a lot of soldiers from conflicts in Afghanistan and Irak. The war in Irak had minimal support back home in America and Obama has been getting a lot of support from stepping down the warfare here. Obama has started a campaign against the ISIL and this gets a lot of support as well.

I think that the fact that the employment rate is going up is really important to Obama and the rest of the US. When people are working this impacts several other aspects of the society and is always positive for the whole country. You never want to have a lot of unemployed people as this costed the country money and it is also a negative factor to the economy.


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