The 3 most important responsibilities in the House of Commons

26 Feb

In the House of Commons we find the members of parliament (MPs). There are 650 members, each representing their own constituencies. The House of Commons has a lot of different tasks and responsibilities and I am going to list the 3 I think is the most important.

Firstly, the House of Commons are often described as the heart of the parliament and democracy. This is where new bills are read out for the first time and worked with. When the  House of Commons have made a refreshed outline of the bill they send it over to the House of Lords who makes corrections as well. When they think the bill looks about right they send it back to the House of Commons. When they get it back, they go over what this bill really means and when they are happy with the bill it gets presented to the Queen who will make the law official. New laws is one of the most important responsibilities the House of Commons have.

The public is also allowed into the chamber to watch the House when they have meetings. They can see their elected MP in action and can control their work. The press is also allowed in and that way they have a certain control of the MPs as well as the government. Sometimes they also have question time where it’s possible to ask the government and the prime minister questions. By having the House of Commons where you have the government on the one side and the opposition on the other it also makes it easier to question and  scrutinize the government.

It is also very important to remember that the members of the House of Commons are working for you. They are members of parliament elected by the people and they are obligated to do what the people living in their constituencies think is right, at least they should if they want to be re-elected. As a member of a constituency you have the right to be in touch with your MP. You could either call, e-mail, write a letter or see him or her in person when they are back at their local office. By being elected by the people they are referred to as the heart of democracy in the UK.



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