The European Parliament

3 Mar

The European parliament is a parliament where all countries who is a part of the European Union are present.  The members of the European Parliament also known as MEPs are chosen by the people in their home country. The European parliament is based in several countries, but some of the key sights are Strasbourg and Brussels.

Some of the most important areas the MEPs work with is that they work and vote on European laws. Within EU legislation they are covering almost all of the EU’s areas of competence. They are also working on the EU budget. All of EU’s expenses are discussed here at some point. They also has a certain control over other EU constituencies and agencies.The MEP’s are the ones who decide how the EU is going to respond to incidents in Europe. The highest number of members a country can have is 96 witch is the number of members Germany has, but how many you get is based on the population of your country. The least amount of representatives a country can have is 6. Only the smallest countries Cyprus, Luxembourg, Estonia and Malta only has 6 members in parliament.  Elections to choose the 751 MEPs take place every five years, and every country are allowed to choose how they are going to vote.

The British right winged party UKIP has twenty-four members of the European Parliament. Witch makes it the largest UK party represented in the parliament. UKIP received the most votes in the 2014 European elections, and it was the first time in over a century that a party other than the conservatives or the labour party won a United Kingdom-wide election.  UKIP is generally against UKs  membership in the EU, and so are many brits.  A reason to why UKIP won the popular vote and has the  largest represented party in the European parliament from the UK could be just because of that particular reason that they are critical and sceptical. They also say that they are giving the UK their voice back in the parliament, as UKIP representatives are not afraid to speak their mind.

Here we have Nigel Farage (UKIP leader) represented in the European Parliament.  



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