Franklin D. Roosevelt

12 Mar

Franklin D. Roosevelt became president of the US in 1933. His presidency was strongly impacted by war and a huge economic crisis. When FDR became president there was a great depression in the US and almost 1/3 of all Americans were unemployed. Right after Roosevelt had entered office, he had a visitor who told him “You will either be our greatest or our worst president”, Roosevelt responded “No, if I fail I’m going to be your last president.”


13 million people were unemployed and Roosevelt was given the huge task of trying to turn the depression around. FDR had ambitious plans and made a new reformative programme called the new deal. The American society needed dramatical changes and Roosevelt got to work. He got people into work by having them build new roads, train lines and buildings. Younger boys were also send to work camps where they got to work. The president also made new laws regarding the banks and asked employers to keep the wages up and the prices down to get the economy up and going again. New deal is an important part of American history and Roosevelt handled the depression and the crisis perfectly. I’m not sure about if American would have the great economy they have today if it would have been handled any other way. It also made the president were popular, because the people could see and feel how his plan was working on a personal level.

Roosevelt was president until 1945 and is the only American president who has been seated for more than two periods. He was married to Eleanor Roosevelt and was born into a wealthy family. He got polio in 1921 and he struggled with this disease through the rest of his life. As a President, he used tricks to make it look like he was standing to show power, when he was really sitting on a high chair because it was too difficult to stand.



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