Election day!

7 May

Today people all over the UK are voting for a new government. It is an extremely close race, and this morning there was almost nothing separating the conservative party and labour party. David Cameron is going head to head against Ed Miliband, and by tomorrow one of these men will most likely be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

There are 650 constituencies in the UK where people are voting, to get a majority and form a government you will need to win in 323 of these. Looking back, labour and the conservatives has a history of winning elections, but recently several other parties have been growing. UKIP has been mentioned in media several times, and even though they won the European Parliament election last year, they won’t win a national election. They might win in two constituencies and do well in others, but they are not big enough to win. The Scottish nationalist party is predicted to do really well, and win the overall in Scotland.


In my opinion, it is really important to vote if you have the chance. It can be easy to think that your vote won’t make any difference anyway, but in a tight race like this it definitively does! Remember, a small grain of rice is all it takes to tip the scale. Tomorrow we will get the answer to who got the most votes. The queen is going to announce the new Prime Minister and will invite him to create a new government.

My own personal prediction is that David Cameron is going to keep his role as PM, and that the conservatives are going to get the most votes. But I think it’s going to be close.

Now all we can do is to wait and see! Goodluck to everyone in the UK who is voting today, your vote matters.





One Response to “Election day!”

  1. Ann S. Michaelsen 15/05/2015 at 09:47 #

    You were right in your predictions, I as you say; everyone should vote!

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