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Alaska cooperation, Q&A

18 Dec

Last week, we had the opportunity to cooperate with a class in Alaska. We shared a google document and wrote down ten questions. My Question was “Do you think it’s hard to understand how the election process works?”, as I think it can be difficult to understand all the different aspects of the election process. The students from Alaska wrote really good answers to all the questions, and I got 6 answers to mine.

The answers I got were also different, some of the students found the election process super easy to understand, while some found it a bit confusing. One answer I got was “Yes and no. Yes because it’s a tricky subject to learn about and become an expert on, and can be fairly convoluted, and no because this complex system is often simplified into two parties and a set of policies that everyone will vote on.” I can see how this student thinks and the thoughts behind this answer. I would also agree, with this answer as I don’t think it easy to fully understand the whole process of the American election.

Some of the other students in my class also asked about their thoughts on the shooting incident in Ferguson, Missouri. I think this is a very important case, and I found it interesting to read the views of American students. The answers were mostly against the riots and the students believed that the policeman did the right thing and acted out of instinct. But one of them answered differently and said that the police in America has to much power and that the shooting was wrong. It can be difficult to understand the history behind the shooting and to choose which side of the story we should believe. I think the shooting in Ferguson was a triggering factor to something that has been developing over a long time. If we were to ask a class from for example New York, I believe that the answers we would get would have been extremely different when it comes to this question.