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Scotland’s referendum

28 Aug

On the 18th of September, everyone over 16 gets the opportunity to vote and have a say in if Scotland is going to become an independent  country. Today we had a Google hangout with Ewan McIntosh from Scotland to get a deeper insight in what the people think about it. We also asked different questions to find out about the different consequences.

We wondered if Scotland was going to keep the pound as currency if they become an independent country, the answer to this was yes. At least for the first couple of years, but who knows what the future holds. They are also most likely going to keep paying their fair share of the UK debt. Scotland has their own parliament and has their own rules and are controlling the society to some extent. But there are still some areas they don’t get to have a say in. An example to this is nuclear weapons and how the UK interferes in different countries and war zones. This is something that will change if Scotland becomes an independent country.

If we take a look at the opinion polls today, it looks like the no side is winning. But the numbers are changing everyday, and this can be really confusing to the voters who still have not made up their mind. But we’ll just have to wait until the 19th of September to find out the answer.

Here is a link to the hangout:


My expectations for this year

27 Aug

This week I returned to school after an wonderful summer holiday. One of the courses I have chosen for this year is Social Studies English. I think this course will help me to improve my written and oral English skills. My plan is also to continue my education in England, and I believe that this course will make me learn more about the politics and the culture in England as well as making sure that i maintain the English language.
I also really hope that we will get the chance to go on an educational trip to another country. I have high hopes for this year and I am really looking forward to learn about politics and different societies.

I am looking forward to another knowledgeable year at Sandvika High School and to make decisions about where I will be going and what I want to do next year.