Modern slavery in the US

9 Apr

United States imprisons more black people than the apartheid regime. Despite only counting for a total of 13% of the US population one in three people arrested for possession of drugs are black. Why is that ratio so different? Marlon Peterson, PR-director at The Frontier Society, says that today’s prison is the natural continuation of the Jim-Crow laws which in turn was a continuation of the slavery. The Jim-Crow laws were laws that enforced racial segregation. Today’s modern slavery comes in the form of the life people get after prison, what they are allowed to and what rights they have.

(Caption: Jim-Crow laws – racial segregation)


It is really difficult to get a normal life after serving time in jail. The majority of black americans in jail are from lower parts of society and needs help from the State, but are not able to get this after being giving the stamp of a former felon. In jail, you lose your right to vote, and all rights to accept social help. You also get a lot of bills from your time in jail. Without a job or a place to stay, most people have to embrace a new life on the street as homeless. All of this makes it almost impossible to get a normal life after serving time. It’s also really hard to get a job, as you are obligated to inform your employer about your past. This makes it harder to get jobs with good pay, and it’s almost impossible to make a living of your own. Even though you have finished your punishment for what you have done, the society keeps punishing you.

Modern slavery doesn’t come in the same form that slavery did 250 years ago. Today, slavery is something you may experience after ending one’s prison sentence. Many of your rights may be removed and help to get one back on one’s feet is not present.



One Response to “Modern slavery in the US”

  1. Ann S. Michaelsen 16/04/2015 at 09:34 #

    Interesting topic, very frightening reading, seems like an impossible mission to get a job and lead a normal life after imprisonment.

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